Aeryn’s first trip overseas was to a small little island called East Timor (Timor-Leste), immediately after Indonesia ended 24 years of occupation, volunteering with a NGO all over the country-side whilst the Australian-led UN Peacekeepers helped the Timorese pick up the pieces. (Liking it that much, Aeryn went the next year also. Perhaps drinking warm beer and ice-cubes with UN MP’s at the end of a hard day had something to do with it.)

Before and after Timor, Aeryn has worked in factories, offices, motorbike couriering, driving vans and small trucks, crawled through restaurant exhaust ducts and other insalubrious occupations.

And here we are. And I’m talking in third-person about myself, which is weird. I’m a motorhead, into anime, gaming, heavy metal/jazz/blues/you-name-it music, bonsai-loving, glass is half-full kinda person. Incurable dreamer. I ride motorbikes, been writing stories since a kid, get lost in a book or movie in five seconds flat, and like my curries hot.

A current dream is to one day own an Interceptor from Mad Max… shiny and chrome.